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We develop custom jQuery systems powered with PHP & MySQL


About jQP

We are truly enthusiastic

We have over 25 years of design and architecture experience and are still enthusiastic about building functional and productive web applications.

  • jQuery - Powerful browser-side functionality
  • PHP - Powerful server-side functionality
  • MySQL - Powerful database respository
  • 2D - Raster & vector graphic design
  • 3D - Solid modeling design & animation

What We Code

Why we use jQuery

jQuery is a subset framework of the Javascript language that is used for traversing a document DOM, handling various events and conditions, animating and moving elements, rewriting the web page without reloading the browser, and performing asynchronous communication with remote servers and services. This allows us to minimize bandwidth, create additional layers of behavioral and marketing tracking, reorganize the web page in sections and peices (rather than reloading the page), and providing micro-managed error and sucess messaging to users. Asynchronous jQuery is ideally suited to work with PHP to connect your web applications with your server, where PHP can interact with MySQL Databases, local and remote file systems, and manage other servers and services.

Web Applications

Enable your web pages with highly interactive and functional marketing and data management interfaces.

Mobile Media

Extend the mobile experience beyond CSS and create an ideal mobile environment suited to inspire and convert.

Marketing Tracking

The mouse (cursor) is an extension of the user's eyes. Track mouse behavior, durations, etc and profile your users.

Photos & Images

Slideshows, products for sale, multi-upload image media and data, and most things you can imagine.

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jQuery Programmers is a Vizual Services LLC company dedicated to jQuery programming and jQuery development. Our jQuery developers are available to discuss your project and help you extend and explore the functionality of your web applications.
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